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Cost-Effective Video Matrix Switch Installations

by:Tesla Elec     2020-05-23
Matrix switches, sometimes called crosspoint switches or crossbar switches, actually special category of switches that allow many different inputs pertaining to being routed independently to 1 of a regarding outputs. Each input can turn to one output or be split to multiple outputs simultaneously. Video matrix switches, since name implies, switch video signals between several sources (such as cameras, computers, DVD players, and cable boxes) and displays (monitors, TVs, or projectors). Kind of switch is being used almost anywhere multiple video feeds are shown auditoriums, trade shows, military command centers, airport terminals, sports bars, security surveillance control rooms, and the like. There are wide ranging different video signal formats composite video, S-video, YPbPr component video, VGA, other individuals. that are not directly compatible with one another. While there are some very expensive matrix switches on the current market that use proprietary modules to translate between these different formats, most customer applications only use a single format and don't require this added complexity and priced. A well-designed, inexpensive matrix switch that supports multiple video formats, but won't convert them is a cost-effective yet versatile solution for switching inputs and outputs with the same video format. For more extensive installations requiring tens of thousands of inputs and outputs, keeping all on the sources and displays in close proximity to the switch becomes less practical. The most widespread and cost-efficient method of long distance video transmission is over twisted pair cable, because CAT5. In this particular configuration a specialized video extender is connected to each video source, which transmits the video (and optionally audio and also other signals) substantially as 1000' down. Likewise, a mating receiver is connected at every display device to reconvert the signal back onto a standard style. Using a compatible video matrix switch in between, the the different parts of the system can be spread out and tailored to difficult site. There are many advantages for applying a switch with CAT5 cable over coaxial cable, like RG-6: the cable itself is less expensive; it is thinner but more flexible, as well as easier to install; and also the jacks for the modular RJ45 connectors could be more tightly spaced, decreasing the necessary enclosure height to have a given size matrix change. Network Technologies Inc's newest VEEMUX Audio/Video Matrix Switch, the SM-16Xn-C5AV-1000, is in order to route A/V signals distributed by NTI's 600' and 1000' video traction devices. The switch allows connections from any transmitter unit to any receiver unit of compatible type. When used with NTI's latest EDID-capable extenders, it may transfer plug-and-play information when thinking about the display device to the transmitter unit from one particular receiver unit, a composite of multiple receiver units, or a default value table. This latest addition on the VEEMUX parents are available in matrix sizes of 16x16, 16x32, 16x48, and 16x64. Of the 16 inputs, one port (port 16) is also capable relying on a direct VGA and stereo audio local connection, selectable via DIP switch. For every bank of 16 outputs, one port (ports 16, 32, 48, and 64) splits its signal with local VGA and stereo audio output. As a result of an innovative design, each NTI switch uses the very amount of rack space for its matrix size compared to other switches in the industry, saving cost when rack space is at a premium. For example, NTI's largest switch, the 16x64, is just 3RU, producing other switches on current market with issue number of inputs and outputs are as large as 16RU. The SM-16Xn-C5AV-1000 matrix switch can be controlled originating from a front panel keypad, optional infrared remote control, RS232 port, 10/100 Ethernet port, or USB console plug-in. The front panel has a backlit LCD, enables the user to see switch connections, system settings, and a digital VU-meter for audio level (right and left channels) of the currently selected port. A built-in web server supplies a graphical interface for port switching, settings, and DDC information accessible from any connected computer's browser. NTI's VEEMUX SM-16Xn-C5AV-1000 can be a cost-effective and space-saving video matrix switch that will prove being invaluable in most installations requiring a multitude of inputs and outputs with long distance video program code. About Network Technologies Inc NTI is often a leading manufacturer of top IT and A/V treatment plans. NTI products (video extenders via CAT5, A/V matrix switches, video splitters, KVM switches, and environment monitoring systems) are designed, manufactured and tested at the particular headquarters in Aurora, Ohio. Visit us on the web at
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