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HDMI Matrix Switch- Connects Multiple HDMI Inputs

by:Tesla Elec     2020-05-23
HDMI Matrix Switch is a switch which connects HDMI multiple sources with multiple devices for example digital video/audio sources- DVD Players, video games, personal computers, BluRay players and HD set top box to devices like video projectors, computer monitors and others. High-Definition Multimedia Interface is an interface or to connect between two or more high definition multimedia sources. Like other matrix switches, this device too allows an end user to connect just one particular or multiple inputs to single or multiple HDMI components. This very feature produces a matrix like pattern of interconnection solutions. Available in 4x2, 4x4 and 8x8 combinations, this device offers flawless and seamless switching. The HDMI Matrix Router allows switching between the various sources using either front panel push buttons or through RS232. In more expensive models, control could be exercised through Infra red remote at your distance of 1000 feet or via TCP/IP. The LEDs on the front panel indicate the connectivity status. Suitable for all HDMI formats, this device supports resolutions of 1080i, 480i, 576i, 720p, 480p, 576p, and 1080p. Compliant with HDCP format, this switch offers secure transmission of signals as it prevents copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across off the source to glowing blue background .. It also has all necessary approvals from RoHS, CE as well as FCC. Equipped with plug and play functionality, the 4x4 HDMI Matrix like other switches does not want additional software or device drivers for operation. It lives in desktop or rack mountable versions. Since HDMI is backward compatible with DVI, this device will also support DVI signals an issue advantage of getting to move through the input and output cables. The 8x8 model is accessible with optional stereo audio features supporting all HDMI audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. All the outputs of this switch are equipped with HDMI boosters come up with sure that the signal has no degradation on output cables up to 60ft. This device supports 3D and is a complete HD routing solution for all the HDTV systems. The HDMI cables acquainted with secure connections have two advantages; they save space and eliminate clutter as well as relay both video and audio signals over just one cable. Used in the wide range of high definition video applications, the non-blocking, single link HDMI Matrix Switch may be mainly in construct their own systems, entertainment facilities, commercial installations, finance institutions and digital signage applications.
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