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KVM Extender application
1.  What is KVM extender?

KVM is short for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. KVM extender is a electronic device that extend keyboard, video, mouse data from one place to another which can be dozens of meters to hundreds meters far away. The KVM extender includes transmitter and receiver, the transmitter is used in source side, transmit video from source computer to Receiver then to monitor, the receiver is used in display side, transmit keyboard and mouse data to transmitter then to computer, the transmitter and receiver are connected with cat5e/6 cable. Below picture is a classic application of the KVM extender, PC is in a room connected to a transmitter, with a cat cable connect the transmitter to the receiver which is in another room, so the user can use the PC in another room with only a small box (receiver). Similar application can be used in factory production line, there are too a lot of dust, and the operator can control the PC remotely. Or some company want to set up a security room, where all the PCs are in the security room , and the users are in different seats in the office, and they can use the PCs remotely with a cat cable and a receiver.

2.  Several types of KVM extender

VGA KVM extender

Extend keyboard, mouse data and VGA video up to 300 meters. It is a low cost solution for old VGA interface devices, and the picture quality is very sensitive to the cable quality.

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