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by:Tesla Elec     2020-05-20
A KVM switch is basically an indispensable feature of any data center with multiple servers and basic computers. The success that KVM switches have brought about in managing data centers has seen them undergo constant research and development aimed at making them even better and many more efficient equipment. One of firearm control developments is the integration of IP tech whereby these switches can definitely be accessed remotely via web browsers. Switches now have their work partners, the rackmount console monitors, available in unique designs and offers seen them totally replace the CRTs in helping to handle the so-many servers an organization may have. With all the KVM switch models in the market you definitely be looking for a reliable store in are guaranteed of acquiring the best technology. At we consider we would be store you need to been searching for in study for these matters. We have cream-of-the-crop Cat5 and Cat5 over IP KVM switches which sport 16 or 32 ports to adequately address various different unique needs of one's organization. These switches can be easily and comfortably accommodated in your rack. They consume only 1U of space while having power options of 12, 24 or 48VDC. They are also very robust it is possible cascaded technique provide remote BIOS level capability for approximately 256 providers. Our KVM switches also support PS/2, MAC, Linux, USB and SUN servers while providing security protocols such as http, https, CSR, AES, SSL v3 and RSA. We also carry KVM switch PS/2 and USB dongles. Moving to our rackmount console monitors, have got a rackmount TFT/LCD with KVM change. These are 8 port, 16 port, or 32 port Cat5 or Combo DB15 KVM switches that are integrated into 1U rackmount monitor framework. Our rackmount TFT monitors are available as 17, 19 and 20-inch screens which offer video options such as BNC, DVI-D and S-Video, and can also accommodate integrated speakers to address your audio needs. Our rackmount TFT consoles feature a 104 key notebook keyboard with a trackball or touchpad mouse, and the monitors offer touch screen (resistive) capability. -ENDS- Note to Editors: At Crystal Image Technologies were related to supplying our customers with top quality cost-effective rackmount product solutions which include both standalone and integrated KVM switches, rackmount LCD panels, rackmount monitor drawers, data center monitoring solutions, and aluminum rackmount cases among men and women. We also have climate monitoring systems that will protect the hardware inside your data center. We base our success on enjoying our clients and then providing them with the economical rackmount solutions that will comprehensively address their must have. We believe in Helping Customers, Keeping Customers, and Providing Value so on guarantee long-term partnerships. Our Contacts: Address: Crystal Image Technologies, Inc. 15400 H. 64th Ave, Suite E9-156 Arvada, CO 80007 Tel: 1-800-542-2489 Fax: 770-783-8865 Email:
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